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To help build community among our golfers, we’ve launched “Student of the Week” where we’ll recognize one student each week who has demonstrated one of our nine core values that week. We look forward to sharing more about our students and honoring them for their hard work!

2020 January

Our first Student of the Week for 2020 is Lucy! The 10 year old selected “honesty” as her favorite of the Nine Core Values because she believes in the importance of being truthful.

When she’s not golfing, you can find Lucy playing volleyball or eating her favorite food, mac & cheese!


2019 January

8 year old Isabella likes being able to golf with different people and learn about golfing as a team. She likes Girls Golf and the friends she makes.

When asked for an example of showing respect (one of our Nine Core Values), Isabella said by just listening to each other, you’ve shown respect.


A member of Girls Golf, 13 year old Maya, has learned the 5 E-words, her favorite being Empower. She selected this word because she enjoys empowering others, especially helping them to overcome shyness.

Maya enjoys practicing her golf skills with her dad, using her favorite clubs- a 7-iron or driver. When not golfing, she enjoys spending time with her friends and playing video games.



Alex’s favorite core value is responsibility. He believes this to be important because everyone, no matter the age, has responsibilities.

When he’s not golfing, you can find Alex reading nonfiction history novels or eating his favorite food: tacos!


The 13 year old is a member of Girls Golf, and holds the word “enrich” as her favorite E-word.

Outside of golf, Tatum likes music, art, and traveling; she traveled from Texas to Ohio when she moved here last summer!


Noria’s favorite of the Nine Core Values is sportsmanship, because it means always playing by the rules. For instance, when golfing, she always keeps track of scoring honestly.

When not on the course, Noria enjoys swimming and playing with her dog, or enjoying an ice cream cone.


The third grader believes in never giving up, which is why his favorite Core Value is perseverance. With perseverance, he believes that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

In addition to golf, Adler enjoys playing baseball and fishing.



The eight year old’s favorite Core Value is sportsmanship. He believes in being nice to other players, which he practices in his relationship with his sister.

You can find the third grader snacking on his favorite food, pizza, when he’s not working on his golf swing!


12 year old Belle is a member of our Girls Golf program and has selected “Engage” as her favorite E-word, which she likes because it promotes interacting with others and meeting new people!

Belle has a love for not only golf, but also cheer and playing tag!


The six year old likes meeting new friends, so she chose “Engage” as her favorite E-word. Her coaches have noted that she practices engaging with others at Girls Golf well!

When not golfing, you can find Brooklyn doing gymnastics or swimming.



The 9 year old is a part of the program we collaborate on with After School All Stars. He’s selected his favorite Core Value as “honesty,” because it promotes fairness.

The third grader also enjoys playing soccer and basketball!


10 year old Claire selected “respect” as her favorite of the Nine Core Values, because it means to be polite. Claire shows respect by using her manners, saying “please” and “thank you.”

In addition to golf, Claire is also a member of Girl Scouts.



The 10 year old’s favorite Core Value is “honesty,” because it promotes the idea that you can trust someone who is honest with you. She believes it’s important to use the Nine Core Values in school every day.

Outside of golf, Annabel likes playing with her sister and brother and eating pizza.


The 12 year old selected “confidence” as her favorite Core Value. She chose this because it is something used all throughout life, and because “it is the core of all core values.”

You can find Sophia playing basketball and rollerblading when not golfing.



Our next Student of the Week, and first for the summer is 13 year old Xzavier Owens! The soon-to-be 9th grader, and all participants, learned about the Core Value “Courtesy” this week, which promotes demonstrating considerate behavior towards others.

Xzavier also plays basketball, soccer, and tennis when he’s not golfing, and his favorite food is a cheeseburger!


The 13 year old’s favorite Core Value is “perseverance.” Chase believes it’s important to never give up, and practices doing so by not letting bad shots on the golf course keep him down, and continuing to play to the best of his ability.

When he’s not out on the course, you can find him playing outside or going to the pool.


Our next Student of the Week is Millie Rayner! Millie believes it’s important to stay involved, so she selected “engage” as her favorite E-word. She believes if you aren’t engaged, you aren’t having fun!

The 11 year old stays actively engaged through numerous clubs, such as Chess Club and Girls Who Code!



Say hello to Paul Russell, our next Student of the Week! The 14 year old selected “respect” as his favorite Core Value because he believes “it is not only important to be respectful in golf, but also in life.” Paul shows respect to family, friends, and teachers.

In addition to golf, Paul is also an active member of the Boy Scouts.


5 year old Carson is our next Student of the Week! This week, students are learning about the Core Value “Confidence.” Carson, like other participants, is learning to believe in himself to have confidence both on and off the course.
When not learning golf, Carson can be found playing baseball or eating his favorite food, steak and corn on the cob!



The 12 year old selected “sportsmanship” as her favorite of the Nine Core Values because she believes it should be used in every game played.
The 7th grader also enjoys swimming and eating chocolate!




Abigail selected our current Core Value of the Week, “integrity” (doing right even when no one is watching), as her favorite.

When she’s not on the course, the 12 year old enjoys playing piano, writing, and reading.




The freshman’s favorite Core Value is “sportsmanship” because to Jake, it shows that you care about others.

When he’s not golfing with The First Tee or his high school team, you can find him biking, hiking, and hanging out with his brother. He’s also a member of the Boy Scouts.



The 11 year old, who is a member of Girls Golf and PGA Junior League, selected “Engage” as her favorite of the 5 E-Words of Girls Golf. She selected it because through engaging with others, you can meet new people and make new friends.

When she’s not golfing, Mikaili also swims and is a part of her school’s cooking club.


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